Custom field for Project Admin for Jira

A Custom field Administrator Pane

The plugin allows project’s administrator to manage their own custom field. Each configuration custom field, which is not shared with another project, can be managed by the project’s administrator. Only the remove action is NOT available. All standard fields can be managed since the Custom Field Pane.
A new item is added in the project administration pane:


Configure screen

The list of project’s customfields is displayed. The configure action is available for all the unshared configuration custom fields.
The configure action is the same as the configure action of the Jira administration Custom field. To avoid any nasty surprises, the remove action is not available. Available actions are:

  • Edit default Value
  • Edit options


The Edit option screen

  • The “Edit Options” link allows to:
    * Add value
    * Edit Value
    * Change Order
    * Disable/Enable Value


Vendor Privacy Policy

The Custom field for Project Admin for Jira plugin is specifically designed to protect your personal and corporate information by ensuring that the plugin collects no data, analytics or business intelligence.
The plugin transmits no data, metadata, or documents from your server, nor from any client browser it runs on, to our server, nor to any third party. All data stays on your servers.

Atlassian provides basic technical and billing contact information when the plugin is installed and a license is applied to the plugin. For more informations, please refer to the Atlassian Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.