<!-- TITLE: Sla Calculation Plugin --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Sla Calculation Plugin --> # SLA Calculation Service The plugin consists in configuring a service to calculate the end date before the ticket has to be resolved. The End Date calculation take into account open work hours, open work days and bank holidays. The service is configure thanks to 5 parameter : - the project key - the path to configuration file - the jql request - the pending status - the custom sla field - the custom end date field The configuration file allows you to configure open hours, generic bank holidays and specific bank holidays. Generic holidays is bank holidays that come back every year like '25/12 or 01/01'. Specific holidays is bank holidays whose the day change from year to year. The year has to be precise '01/04/2018' Here a file sample. The JQL request allows to filter ticket requiring a calculation or recalculation of end date field. For sample, a ticket requires a calculation where the ticket contains SLA value but not end date value calculated. If the ticket is waiting for information status, the end date field has to be recalculate. Sample : The pending status parameter lists status separated with coma where the time is out of SLA. During the recalculation, the laps of time spent in pending status shifts the end date value. Sample : The SLA Field contains the SLA value Sample : The End Date Field is the calculated field.